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Miniature Yin Yang Zen Garden

Reduce stress levels from the comfort of your home with this miniature yin yang zen garden. The Buddha and yin-yang sand present a tranquil setting for you to relax and remain calm.

Rubiks Cube Lamp

This Rubik’s Cube lamp provides the perfect lighting and retro feel to any bedroom or office. The illumination also enriches the entertainment level when used as a playable toy.

Healing Crystals and Stones

Increase your inner peace and prosperity with these Healing Crystals and Stones.  Throughout history, the curing properties of gemstones have been recognized and harnessed to restore the overall health of the whole person. These stones are known to improve…

Venom Wall Breaker

This creepy yet super cool Venom wall breaker makes the perfect gift for Marvel fans. Details: Large 3D wall decoration Perfect for Marvel fans Great for Halloween decor or for a themed room

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Did you know Himalayan salt lamps have environmental and health benefits? Himalayan salt lamps help improve breathing by absorbing water and foreign particles from the air. When heated by the lamp it then releases negative ions that essentially…

Baby Groot Flower Pot

This adorable baby groot flower pot is the perfect gift for Guardians of the Galaxy fans. A great addition to add to your home and office decor. Also looks adorable in a garden.

Cakesicle Cooking Pan

Finally, a way to enjoy delicious desserts on a stick with this cakesicle cooking pan. Its nonstick coating and unique design make it easy to bake delicious brownies, cookies, and cakes. Its the perfect gift for…

Floating Bonsai Tree

Grow a miniature garden that defies the laws of gravity, especially with one of these floating bonsai trees. A superb accent for your home and/or office zen garden.

Moon Night Light Lamp

Moon Night Light Lamp

Enjoy all the mysteries and romance that comes from a full moon regardless of the lunar cycle. the design of the moon night light lamp is identical to the surface and texture of the moon, thanks to 3D…

Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

Class up your home bar with this whiskey globe decanter set, a decorative handblown masterpiece that will spark up any conversation.  Easily, fill up your decanter with your favorite drink, relax and enjoy the simple amenities in life. Perfect…

Worlds Best Watermelon Slicer

Worlds Best Watermelon Slicer

This is the best watermelon slicer ever designed. The slicers cut through fruit like butter with its serrated edges. After cutting the melon into perfect slices, easily grab on to the cut pieces of melon….

Realistic Jellyfish Lamp

This Realistic jellyfish lamp is a spectacular LED night lamp that brings marine life and color to any room, home, or office!  It has five different colors and effects and two lifelike jellyfish that simply look amazing. A great gifts…

Endoscope Tube for Android

Endoscope Tube for Android phone 7mm camera waterproof

The Endoscope Tube for Android turns your ordinary phone into a handy dandy tool. Inspect the dark areas in your home with its waterproof 7mm camera and 640×480 visuals. The hidden junk in the drains,…