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Miniature Yin Yang Zen Garden

Reduce stress levels from the comfort of your home with this miniature yin yang zen garden. The Buddha and yin-yang sand present a tranquil setting for you to relax and remain calm.

Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook

Satisfy your taste buds with the fifty shades of chicken cookbook. An array of creative and tasty recipes written in the same humorous style as the books but from the perspective of chicken.

Healing Crystals and Stones

Increase your inner peace and prosperity with these Healing Crystals and Stones.  Throughout history, the curing properties of gemstones have been recognized and harnessed to restore the overall health of the whole person. These stones are known to improve…

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Did you know Himalayan salt lamps have environmental and health benefits? Himalayan salt lamps help improve breathing by absorbing water and foreign particles from the air. When heated by the lamp it then releases negative ions that essentially…

Baby Groot Flower Pot

This adorable baby groot flower pot is the perfect gift for Guardians of the Galaxy fans. A great addition to add to your home and office decor. Also looks adorable in a garden.

Cakesicle Cooking Pan

Finally, a way to enjoy delicious desserts on a stick with this cakesicle cooking pan. Its nonstick coating and unique design make it easy to bake delicious brownies, cookies, and cakes. Its the perfect gift for…

Floating Bonsai Tree

Grow a miniature garden that defies the laws of gravity, especially with one of these floating bonsai trees. A superb accent for your home and/or office zen garden.

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Give the gift of soothing relaxation to someone special with this bath bomb gift set.  It comes with a dozen huge bath bombs scented with organic essential oils and skin-nourishing ingredients. The perfect home spa treatment…

Moon Night Light Lamp

Moon Night Light Lamp

Enjoy all the mysteries and romance that comes from a full moon regardless of the lunar cycle. the design of the moon night light lamp is identical to the surface and texture of the moon, thanks to 3D…

Worlds Best Watermelon Slicer

Worlds Best Watermelon Slicer

This is the best watermelon slicer ever designed. The slicers cut through fruit like butter with its serrated edges. After cutting the melon into perfect slices, easily grab on to the cut pieces of melon….

Anti-Gravity Boots

anti gravity boots kangoo jumps anti-gravity

Have you ever wanted to improve your daily workouts and routines? These Kangoo Boots will give you superhuman-like abilities! How? Their patent technology reduces the impact on muscles and joints by up to 80%. This will enhance your daily…

The Mini Museum

The Mini Museum is a collection of rare specimens throughout history. Each item collected is authentic, iconic, and labeled in a thick display case designed to last for years. They even added real dinosaur skin! This is an…

Light Up Charging Cable

The coolest way to charge your phone! A sense of fulfillment comes when watching how the electricity flows and illuminates off the phone charger. They use EL cold light technology making it a safe design to…

Worlds Strongest Coffee

With great power comes great responsibility. Are you ready to become a superhero?  Death Wish Coffee is 200% stronger than your average dose of coffee giving you that extra boost you desire. It is a…

Giant Toblerone Bar

This mouth-watering giant Toblerone bar weights about ten pounds! It is the largest Toblerone in production and melts in your mouth with the smooth taste of Swiss Chocolate. An epic gift for anyone with a…

CoolTech Car Seat Cooler

The CoolTech Car Seat Cooler was designed to cool down hot car seats on hot summer days. Car seats and buckles can get extremely hot when left outside. With CoolTech’s patent design, parents no longer have…

Inflatable Heated Hot Tub

Pamper yourself and someone special with this relaxing inflatable heated hot tub. With the press of a button, easily activate all 170 high-powered jets for the perfect back massage.  It can be extremely enjoyable after a hard…

Starry Night Knee Socks

These Starry Night knee socks are a designed to brighten up the day.  Vincent van Gogh masterpiece design brings a unique appeal to any wardrobe or outfit. Add a little flavor to someone’s sock collection and use…

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

Ben and Jerry's ice cream lock protector

Finally, a solution to keep the goods out of harm’s way. Keep your delicious ice cream safe from intruders with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream lock protector. Hopefully, you will never have to experience opening…

Biore Charcoal Strips

Charcoal Deep Pore Cleanser face mask strips Biore Charcoal Strips

Are you ready to get rid of those ugly blackheads? These Biore charcoal strips will instantly lock on to dirt and grim to effectively lift away unwanted build up. Also, understand that VIEWERS DESECRATION IS ADVISED….