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Panoramic Snorkel Mask

panoramic snorkel mask

This panoramic snorkel mask provides a stunning 180-degree sea view for a genuine snorkeling experience. See more, stay out longer, and enjoy more sea creatures. A great gift for all ages and comes in 10 different colors….

Miniature Yin Yang Zen Garden

Reduce stress levels from the comfort of your home with this miniature yin yang zen garden. The Buddha and yin-yang sand present a tranquil setting for you to relax and remain calm.

Rubiks Cube Lamp

This Rubik’s Cube lamp provides the perfect lighting and retro feel to any bedroom or office. The illumination also enriches the entertainment level when used as a playable toy.

Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook

Satisfy your taste buds with the fifty shades of chicken cookbook. An array of creative and tasty recipes written in the same humorous style as the books but from the perspective of chicken.

Beat Saber VR Game

Become a Jedi Master when you play this exciting Beat Saber VR game. In this Star Wars inspired VR rhythm game you must slash your way through color changing beats that fly your way.

Healing Crystals and Stones

Increase your inner peace and prosperity with these Healing Crystals and Stones.  Throughout history, the curing properties of gemstones have been recognized and harnessed to restore the overall health of the whole person. These stones are known to improve…

Venom Wall Breaker

This creepy yet super cool Venom wall breaker makes the perfect gift for Marvel fans. Details: Large 3D wall decoration Perfect for Marvel fans Great for Halloween decor or for a themed room

Follow Me Bring Beer Flip Flops

Follow Me Bring Beer Flip Flops

These “follow me bring beer” flip flops are great for laughs and a fun conversation starter. The sandals leave a great message on the bottom that imprints your mark in the sand. A unique gift for…

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Did you know Himalayan salt lamps have environmental and health benefits? Himalayan salt lamps help improve breathing by absorbing water and foreign particles from the air. When heated by the lamp it then releases negative ions that essentially…

Three Player Chess Board

three player chess board

Challenge your friends and brain power with this three player chess board. Its unique layout drastically alters the style of play, making each move more tricky when playing defense and/or offense. Team up for battle against…

Baby Groot Flower Pot

This adorable baby groot flower pot is the perfect gift for Guardians of the Galaxy fans. A great addition to add to your home and office decor. Also looks adorable in a garden.

Floating Bonsai Tree

Grow a miniature garden that defies the laws of gravity, especially with one of these floating bonsai trees. A superb accent for your home and/or office zen garden.

Six Pack Beer Soap

Six Pack Beer Soap

Enjoy lathering your body with a six pack of deliciously scented beer soaps. Made with quality ingredients including orange peels, crushed oats, and real hop.

Canjun Zombie Hot Sauce

Give your meals a delicious fiery kick with the best Cajun hot sauce around. This gift set contains 4 unique flavorful bottles of slow simmered Louisiana style hot sauce made the old fashion creole way….

Moon Night Light Lamp

Moon Night Light Lamp

Enjoy all the mysteries and romance that comes from a full moon regardless of the lunar cycle. the design of the moon night light lamp is identical to the surface and texture of the moon, thanks to 3D…

DragonBall Z Crystal Star Balls

DragonBall Z Crystal Star Balls

Summon the Eternal Dragon with these Dragonball Z crystal star balls! After decades of searching the globe, the seven dragon balls have finally been gathered. What will your wish be? Perfect For: Anime Collectors DBZ Fans…

Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

Class up your home bar with this whiskey globe decanter set, a decorative handblown masterpiece that will spark up any conversation.  Easily, fill up your decanter with your favorite drink, relax and enjoy the simple amenities in life. Perfect…

Worlds Best Watermelon Slicer

Worlds Best Watermelon Slicer

This is the best watermelon slicer ever designed. The slicers cut through fruit like butter with its serrated edges. After cutting the melon into perfect slices, easily grab on to the cut pieces of melon….

Anti-Gravity Boots

anti gravity boots kangoo jumps anti-gravity

Have you ever wanted to improve your daily workouts and routines? These Kangoo Boots will give you superhuman-like abilities! How? Their patent technology reduces the impact on muscles and joints by up to 80%. This will enhance your daily…

The Mini Museum

The Mini Museum is a collection of rare specimens throughout history. Each item collected is authentic, iconic, and labeled in a thick display case designed to last for years. They even added real dinosaur skin! This is an…

The Book Of Puzzles

The Book of Puzzles also known as Codex Silenda is a superb way to flex your brain muscles. There are 5-pages to this mysterious book, each having its own unique mechanism that you have to solve. While…

Light Up Charging Cable

The coolest way to charge your phone! A sense of fulfillment comes when watching how the electricity flows and illuminates off the phone charger. They use EL cold light technology making it a safe design to…

Realistic Jellyfish Lamp

This Realistic jellyfish lamp is a spectacular LED night lamp that brings marine life and color to any room, home, or office!  It has five different colors and effects and two lifelike jellyfish that simply look amazing. A great gifts…

Shot and Chaser Shot Glass

Shot and Chaser Shot Glass

This shot and chaser shot glass is the perfect tool to use at a party. Easily, fill your favorite chaser on bottom and alcohol on top. Its 2 in 1 design is a hassle-free way…

Lucid Dreaming Pills

Have you ever wanted to fly or be in full control of your dreams? These Lucid Dreaming Pills developed by Dream Leaf is a supplement that is considered to be “the most advanced lucid dreaming formula…

Worlds Strongest Coffee

With great power comes great responsibility. Are you ready to become a superhero?  Death Wish Coffee is 200% stronger than your average dose of coffee giving you that extra boost you desire. It is a…

Realistic Animal Face Masks

Realistic Animal Face Mask

Conquer your fears and release the animal within, with these super realistic animal face masks.  The overall portrait is very detailed and the ears maintain its 3D look. A perfect gift for animal lovers that want to match…

Ultra Realistic Lightsabers

Ultra Sabers is known to have some of the best Lightsaber technology in the galaxies. Their sound effects boards make battles super realistic, identical to the Star Wars movies! As well as their LED saber…

Human Hamster Ball

human hamster ball

Who needs a playground to have fun when you have one of these! The Human Hamster Ball aka “Zorb ball” turns the land into your own playground. Its great for sports, local parks, and rolling down grassy hills. Essentially, …

Giant Toblerone Bar

This mouth-watering giant Toblerone bar weights about ten pounds! It is the largest Toblerone in production and melts in your mouth with the smooth taste of Swiss Chocolate. An epic gift for anyone with a…

Dog Hoodies

Keep your dogs stylish and warm with some awesome dog hoodies! Its small kangaroo pocket gives the same look and feel of the traditional hoodies people wear today. Taking a walk with your dog has…

Endoscope Tube for Android

Endoscope Tube for Android phone 7mm camera waterproof

The Endoscope Tube for Android turns your ordinary phone into a handy dandy tool. Inspect the dark areas in your home with its waterproof 7mm camera and 640×480 visuals. The hidden junk in the drains,…

Inflatable Heated Hot Tub

Pamper yourself and someone special with this relaxing inflatable heated hot tub. With the press of a button, easily activate all 170 high-powered jets for the perfect back massage.  It can be extremely enjoyable after a hard…

Realistic Bear Sleeping Bag

A realistic bear sleeping bag is the perfect way to blend in with your natural habitat. Works extremely well when you don’t want others to bother you, especially when eating or sleeping. Try it out…

Camera Lens Coffee Cup

A cup of coffee simply is more enjoyable when drinking out of a camera lens coffee cup.  Photography enthusiasts and all coffee lovers will consider it to be the perfect gift. The mugs lens cover…

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

Ben and Jerry's ice cream lock protector

Finally, a solution to keep the goods out of harm’s way. Keep your delicious ice cream safe from intruders with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream lock protector. Hopefully, you will never have to experience opening…

Salvador Dali Mustache Watch

Are you looking for a watch with weirdness and style? The Salvador Dali mustache watch iconic enough definitely qualifies. The watch displays a vibrant portrait of the famous Salvador Dali, best known for his melting clocks and enigmatic paintings….

Legendary Suitjamas

Legendary Suitjamas

Do you know someone that would love a nice set of pajamas? Its been scientifically proven, when you look good you feel good. Thus making the Legendary Suitjamas guaranteed to boost the awesomeness of anyone wearing…

Toe Of Satan Lollipop

Toe Of Satan 9 Million Scoville Lollipop

Warning the Toe of Satan lollipop is EXTREMELY HOT! Considered the worlds hottest lollipop known to mankind, it scales in at 9 million Scoville units. It’s the perfect gift for hotheads that say or believe…

Infinity Fidget Cube

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

The infinity fidget cube is a superb way to release anxiety and stress. With its unique design, it creates a feeling of freedom to the hands thus stimulating a focus state of mind. Also, its a…

The Gift Of Nothing

the gift of nothing jay gift

The gift of nothing is a whole lot of nothing. It’s a gift that will truly show your effort and dedication to others. Give it to those who truly deserve it. Also, let them know to be…

Hand SHOCKING Lie Detector Game

Hand SHOCKING Lie Detector Game

Warning! This hand shocking lie detector game can detect the lies between kids, parents, friends, and lovers. We highly recommend playing this game with caution. The results may shockingly effect yourself and relationships with others in…

Slash Resistant Shirts

Grey Slash resistant shirts for men

Can we agree that peace of mind is priceless? These slash resistant shirts are designed to resist cuts, bites, and sharp edges. Feel reassured from danger by reducing the risk of a serious injury, in the…

Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun

Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun to protect home and family using non lethal tear gas and powder pepper spray

Having a backup plan in the case of an intruder or an assault is necessary. Keep your home and loved ones safe from harm without the worry of ending someone’s life. The pepper spray gun…

No Phone Air

The NoPhone Air is invisible for people who use their phone way too much. If it does for some odd reason feel like nothing is in your hand. It is because there is nothing. Enjoy…