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Panoramic Snorkel Mask

panoramic snorkel mask

This panoramic snorkel mask provides a stunning 180-degree sea view for a genuine snorkeling experience. See more, stay out longer, and enjoy more sea creatures. A great gift for all ages and comes in 10 different colors….

Rubiks Cube Lamp

This Rubik’s Cube lamp provides the perfect lighting and retro feel to any bedroom or office. The illumination also enriches the entertainment level when used as a playable toy.

Beat Saber VR Game

Become a Jedi Master when you play this exciting Beat Saber VR game. In this Star Wars inspired VR rhythm game you must slash your way through color changing beats that fly your way.

LED Skeleton Gloves

Show off your personality and activate the atmosphere with these LED skeleton gloves. Its skeletal design highlights the bone structure in the hands with bright neon colors. A perfect way to brighten up the night in concerts, theme parks,…

Anti-Gravity Boots

anti gravity boots kangoo jumps anti-gravity

Have you ever wanted to improve your daily workouts and routines? These Kangoo Boots will give you superhuman-like abilities! How? Their patent technology reduces the impact on muscles and joints by up to 80%. This will enhance your daily…

The Book Of Puzzles

The Book of Puzzles also known as Codex Silenda is a superb way to flex your brain muscles. There are 5-pages to this mysterious book, each having its own unique mechanism that you have to solve. While…

Light Up Charging Cable

The coolest way to charge your phone! A sense of fulfillment comes when watching how the electricity flows and illuminates off the phone charger. They use EL cold light technology making it a safe design to…

Realistic Jellyfish Lamp

This Realistic jellyfish lamp is a spectacular LED night lamp that brings marine life and color to any room, home, or office!  It has five different colors and effects and two lifelike jellyfish that simply look amazing. A great gifts…

Ultra Realistic Lightsabers

Ultra Sabers is known to have some of the best Lightsaber technology in the galaxies. Their sound effects boards make battles super realistic, identical to the Star Wars movies! As well as their LED saber…

Endoscope Tube for Android

Endoscope Tube for Android phone 7mm camera waterproof

The Endoscope Tube for Android turns your ordinary phone into a handy dandy tool. Inspect the dark areas in your home with its waterproof 7mm camera and 640×480 visuals. The hidden junk in the drains,…

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

Ben and Jerry's ice cream lock protector

Finally, a solution to keep the goods out of harm’s way. Keep your delicious ice cream safe from intruders with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream lock protector. Hopefully, you will never have to experience opening…

Infinity Fidget Cube

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

The infinity fidget cube is a superb way to release anxiety and stress. With its unique design, it creates a feeling of freedom to the hands thus stimulating a focus state of mind. Also, its a…

Keychain Stun Gun

World's Smallest Stun Gun

This is the best keychain stun gun to have for daily protection needs. Not only is it the world’s smallest stun gun. It also zaps up to  6 million volts of electricity! Essentially, its easily hideable and…

Hand SHOCKING Lie Detector Game

Hand SHOCKING Lie Detector Game

Warning! This hand shocking lie detector game can detect the lies between kids, parents, friends, and lovers. We highly recommend playing this game with caution. The results may shockingly effect yourself and relationships with others in…

Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun

Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun to protect home and family using non lethal tear gas and powder pepper spray

Having a backup plan in the case of an intruder or an assault is necessary. Keep your home and loved ones safe from harm without the worry of ending someone’s life. The pepper spray gun…